Fit4Mom Body Back: Week 2

I’m tracking my progress through Fit4Mom’s eight-week, mom’s-only fitness program, Body Back. Never heard of it? It’s from the same company that offers Stroller Strides.

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Week 2 Recap
What I love about Body Back is that the class really becomes a community of moms all working toward similar fitness and health goals. We have a group Facebook page where the instructor checks in with us between class sessions and challenges us to make positive changes, and we (the participants) can post about anything we’re struggling with or just share successes or resources. Several of us also joined My Fitness Pal and are tracking our nutrition each day using that tool.

Workouts Week 2
Monday, September 22: REST

Tuesday, September 23: Body Back Group Class

Our instructor led us through a tabata workout for Tuesday’s class, which sounded like no big deal when she described it. Tabata is high intensity interval training that goes something like this: 20 seconds of cardio, 10 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of a strength exercise, 10 seconds of rest. Repeat four times.

Whenever I hear that there is a built in “rest period” after only “seconds” of work, I’m all, “bring it on.” I can do anything for 20 seconds, right? The answer is yes, but I needed to be reminded of that many, many times especially as we neared the end of our workout.

Wednesday, September 24: Couch-to-5k (28 minutes total) + 10-minute Abs DVD

Thursday, September 24: 30-minute circuit workout DVD

Friday, September 25: Couch-to-5k (28 minutes total)

Saturday, September 26: Body Back Group Class

On Saturday morning, the weather was perfect for an outdoor workout. The park we use has an amphitheater with four sets of steps. Our instructor planned a workout that made full use of this feature.

We started by running a lap around the entire park, which I’m guessing is a third of a mile. The run ends with a hill climb that puts us at the top of the amphitheater. At the top, we do a strength exercise, bicep curls with a squat. Then we lunge 50 feet to the next station, where we do a squat with a shoulder press. Run to the next station holding the exercise band over our heads (This is honestly my least favorite part of the workout). At the next station, burpees. Run down the stairs. Another strength exercise. Run up the stairs. Frog jumps. Run down the stairs. Pushups. Run up the steps. Lunges. Run down the steps. Crunches. Time for another lap around the park.

What’s nice about this workout is that you can go at your own pace. What’s tough about this workout is that it’s going to challenge you, regardless of your pace. But that’s the point, right?

Sunday, September 27: Couch-to-5K (31 minutes total)

Nutrition Overview Week 2

Meals from Week 2 of Fit4Mom Body Back

Week 2 Nutrition
Using My Fitness Pal helped me stay on track with my nutrition this week, but there’s room for improvement. I am pretty good at staying within my daily calorie goal, but post-work snacking always seemed to derail me. Regardless, I’ll take this past week as a win. A few of my meals from the week (clockwise from left):

  1. Lunch at home: A classic turkey sandwich.
  2. Homemade tortilla soup: I ate this soup for dinner no less than three times last week. I’ll be posting the recipe on the blog soon.
  3. Lunch at work: I adapted a turkey salad recipe from the fifth Fit4Mom booklet. It was good! I added a low carb tortilla and lots of lettuce. It lasted me for three lunches, and I’ll definitely be making this one again.
  4. Easy dinner: It’s not easy to convince me to eat a salad for dinner, but add some seafood, avocado, and fresh corn, and I’m usually willing. Ranch dressing also does not hurt. Just saying.

The Week Ahead
I missed my Tuesday night class because we were in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I’ll be posting next week about how I attempted to stay on track during this mini-family vacation.

Progress Report
-3.1 pounds (-3.2 pounds total)

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