A Visit to Green Meadows Petting Farm

Back in July, I stumbled across an article on Red Tricycle Chicago that highlighted Chicago-area farms offering family friendly activities. Ever since our outing to Garden Patch Farms in June, I’ve been wanting to take Emme to another farm. The petting zoo aspect of Green Meadows Petting Farm caught my attention, and I became mildly obsessed taking Emme to this Wisconsin farm.

But I needed an excuse to make the trip.
A Visit to Green Meadows Petting Farm in East Troy, Wisconsin. Add this petting farm to your list of must-do activities with toddlers in Chicagoland. Only 90 miles from the Chicago area.

Luckily, my husband had a conference last week in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where he would be staying at Timber Ridge Resort, which features an indoor water park. It was the perfect excuse for a mini-family vacation.

Lake Geneva is less than 90 miles from our home in the western suburbs of Chicago — incredibly easy to get to — and Green Meadows Petting Farm was about 20 miles from our hotel in East Troy, Wisconsin. It was the perfect day trip for Emme and I while Daddy spent the afternoon in meetings.

Welcome to Green Meadow Petting Farm | www.mommysanest.com

The entrance to Green Meadows Petting Farm farm is a bit unassuming, but beyond this yellow building, the grounds blew me away. For $13.50 each (children under 1 are free), Emme and I had access to more activities and animals than I expected. Admission to Green Meadows Petting Farm also included a hayride, a pony ride, and a pumpkin picked from the farm’s pumpkin patch.

Green Meadows Petting Farms| www.mommysanest.com

We lucked out with perfect weather: blue skies, sunshine, and temperatures in the mid-70s temperatures. We took advantage of the picturesque day and spent hours exploring.

Green Meadow Petting Farm | www.mommysanest.comFrom a fleet of Cozy Coups to a variety of bikes, a small merry-go-round, and a learning center with a train set, there was so much to keep Emme busy at Green Meadows Petting Farm that she could have easily played for an hour or more without even bothering with the animals.

Goats at Green Meadow Petting Farm | www.mommysanest.com

I did eventually convince her to move on from the toys so that we could check out the animals.

Green Meadows Petting Farms | www.mommysanest.com

Despite what it looks like, no kittens were harmed in the making of these memories.

We didn’t even go to every pen, but we did manage to get up close and personal with goats, kittens, and chickens. From afar we saw horses, a Texas longhorn, and pigs. Feeding the animals was definitely one of Emme’s favorite parts of the day.

Chicken at Green Meadows Petting Farm | www.mommysanest.com

Playground at Green Meadow Petting Farm | www.mommysanest.com

We wrapped up our visit to Green Meadows Petting Farm on the playground, picked out a pumpkin, and took a pony ride (included with admission). At that point, I was too tired to wait for the next hayride, which runs roughly once an hour.

Pumpkin Patch at Green Meadow Petting Farm | www.mommysanest.com

“It’s heavy, Mommy.”

Pony Ride at Green Meadow Petting Farm | www.mommysanest.com

There was more to do at Green Meadows Petting Farm than I ever expected, and I’m so glad we drove the 30 minutes from Lake Geneva to visit it. We stayed almost three hours and probably could have stuck around longer. Emme loved it, and I’m hoping we’ll have the opportunity to come back.

If You Go To Green Meadows Petting Farm

  • Bring quarters for animal feed. Emme loved feeding the animals, and I had fun feeding the goats and chickens too.
  • Consider packing a picnic lunch. There’s plenty of seating where you can have lunch. Green Meadows Petting Farm does have some food you can buy. I ended up getting Emme baked Cheetos because I’m campaigning hard for that “Mother of the Year” award. I bought myself a cookie because that’s the award for “Mother of the Year.”
  • Plan to spend a few hours. Like I said, there’s a ton to see and do.
  • Go on a weekday if you can. I cannot imagine how busy this place gets on the weekends, especially in the fall when farms visits are on everyone’s to-do lists. There were other people at the farm, but it was completely manageable and there were few lines to deal with.
  • Check the schedule. In the spring and summer, the farm is closed on Mondays. It’s open seven days a week in the fall from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Admission to the farm ends at 2 p.m.
  • Call ahead if you have a group. There are details on the website about making reservations if you’re planning to come with a group of 20 or more.

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