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This is going to be a bit of a NaBloPoMo cop-out, but after yesterday’s exciting post, I think we all need a minute to regroup. So, I’m just going to say thanks to Ali for writing about her personal struggle with the decision to have or not have a child. It was really wonderful to see so many stories and supportive opinions and advice shared in the comments. This is what I love about blogs.

Coming Up

There’s more ahead. I have a handful of guest posts coming up from other writer friends, including Gena and Deb, another journalist-friend who I met through Gena/Body Back (I love a good random connection story—maybe I’ll tell it later!). I also put my mom, a former Reading Recovery teacher, to work curating a list of her favorite Thanksgiving books for young children. I’m excited about that, despite the fact that we had this text exchange (My mom’s responses are on the left):

My mom is going to be thrilled I shared this.

Let’s put this on a t-shirt: Relax. It’s just a blog. Or maybe, Keep Calm and Write a Blog Post. That probably already exists. I’m resisting the urge to Google it.

I would like to say this before I go today: I never started this blog intending to have a lot of guest writers. Over the summer, Gena was one of the first people in on the then-kind-of-secret Mommy Sanest blog. Gena and I have known each other since freshman year of college at Ohio University when we were randomly paired as roommates. She’s remained one of my closest friends since graduating. In some ways, we’re closer now than we were then, I think. And lucky for me, she’s a writer whose opinion I respect and seek out regularly.

One day, she was giving me some feedback about Mommy Sanest, and I just kind of put the idea out there: If you ever want to write something for the site, go for it. Then, of course, I immediately followed it up with, “But you don’t have to, I mean, don’t feel like you have to do something…” and so on, which sounds like me.

But she did want to write something, so she wrote this post. Then she wrote another one. Then I casually tossed out the idea of writing something to Deb. Then Ali. (All with the same caveats that they shouldn’t feel obligated.)

Not my mom though. I literally gave her an assignment.

I’ve realized that I’ve never really had a community of writers (however small) to call my own. Talking with each of these women about topics, having impromptu “editorial meetings” over gchat or while standing in a parking lot in the dark, freezing our tired butts off, has been really exciting and fun and a thing that I didn’t know was missing from my life until I had it.


I will be posting my final results from Body Back. I actually did pretty well this session and was surprised to see the number of inches I dropped, but more on that tomorrow.

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    • When I saw my little comment light blinking, I knew it was you! I think most of my readers yesterday were your people, but it’s nice to know a few people are reading! Thanks again. I can’t wait for the follow up piece 😉

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