Habits: Be Less Sedentary at Work

It’s been two weeks since I decided to stop bringing my computer to bed with me; one week since I (re)committed to flossing; there are 11 days until Thanksgiving; and I’m too lazy to count how many days there are between now and Christmas. There’s probably an app for that.

So far, I’ve been successful with both habits (and been able to maintain my new skincare routine). This week, I want to challenge myself to something that I think will be even harder: I want to be less sedentary at work by using my stand-up desk more.

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In the last few years, studies showing that sitting is basically killing us have gained a lot of attention, particularly given the sedentary nature of our society’s work culture. My department was given the option to purchase stand-up/sit-down desks last spring, and I jumped at the chance. But I’ve been slow to commit to standing up. Some days I do it; some days I don’t. I think that more consistency will help with some stiffness and neck pain I’ve been having recently, so maybe the Internet can hold me to it.

I’m a pretty big fan of starting small, so I’m going to commit to standing 30 minutes a day during work. Maybe that won’t combat the myriad problems I’m causing myself by sitting at a desk all day, but that’s 30 minutes that I wasn’t standing before.

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