How Busy Moms Make Time for Fitness

When my daughter was born, I struggled to make time for fitness — something that I was desperate to get back into because I felt it would help me feel “normal” again. But let’s be real: Every one of us has a handful of hours each week when we can do exactly what we want to do. These hours seem to dwindle through your 20s, 30s, and 40s — if you work, get married, buy a home, own a pet, have a kid — most of your hours are spoken for because, you know, you’re responsible for other stuff. So the question becomes, if you have a handful of precious hours, how do you want to spend them?

How busy moms make time for fitness. Learn 8 doable and practical tips about how to make time for fitness.

So to figure out how busy moms make time for fitness, I went straight to the source — my fellow Fit4Mom Body Back participants. (You can read about my progress through the current session of Body Back, a moms-only fitness program through Fit4Mom. Stroller Strides is one of their other programs.) I talked to several of the moms in my class to see how they are able to make the commitment to two group fitness classes a week, better eating habits, and workouts on their own.

You can read their responses on the Fit4Mom Chicago Western Suburbs blog.

And it’s totally worth checking it out! Their answers were awesome, practical, and relevant to any mom who wants to find a way to make fitness a higher priority in her life. I loved hearing how each mom overcame challenges and barriers to make time for fitness.

Keep in mind, these are regular moms with young children and a variety of schedules and childcare arrangements. Every single one of them is busy, attempting to balance a full plate, and making sacrifices to participate in Body Back (to the benefit of the whole family ultimately, but it takes some shifting). You might find that one of their tips helps you make time for fitness too.

Check out all of their tips.

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    • Thanks for your comment Stacey! It is possible, and there are definitely ways to make easier when you have a busy life to manage. I loved hearing what these women had to say!

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