Worth Reading: November 2014

We’ve reached the end of the road with National Blog Posting Month. Honest to God, I nearly quit on Friday with three days to go. This was a bit much for me to take on this month: I had several freelance projects as well as guest posts, and my “real job” became (somewhat unexpectedly) very busy. I feel like I’ve been hunched over a computer for 30 days straight. While I think NaBloPoMo was worth it (and maybe I’ll write a post as to why), I am excited to go back to a more realistic editorial schedule. Anyway, between typing, I did read a few things around the Internet this month. Here are a few posts you might want to check out from around the Internet that made me laugh, cry, vigorously nod my head in agreement, or want to virtual-fist bump the author.

I agree that motherhood doesn’t change who you are.

This is one of those kitchen items I will probably never use, but I’m considering adding it to my Christmas wishlist.

Once upon a time, I did a triathlon and loved it. Have you ever thought about training for one?

We need to try harder to get our daughter to eat her vegetables. Maybe some of these tips will help.

I’ve already linked to this once, but it’s the definitive guide to oil cleansing. Bookmark.

My good friend/long-time running buddy/blog friend, Lindy, finished the New York Marathon, and I’m so proud of her.

I am enjoying reading this series of interviews on parenting (a NaBloPoMo find).

Practical advice for business owners planning to go maternity leave.

After a month hunkered down in front of my computer, I need to start doing these stretches.

Another great alternative book club idea.

A beautiful post on adoption.

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