Try this Super Simple Walking Workout

Last week, I complained to a good friend over Google chat that I needed to workout, but didn’t really feel like doing anything. I’m pretty honest with myself about whether I’m being lazy or truly need a break, and lately my typical HIIT workouts are just too much — they leave me feeling weak and exhausted and not in a good way. Maybe it’s winter and a general lack of vitamin D; maybe it’s the huge career change I haven’t quite settled into, but right now, my body seems to be asking me to cut it some slack.

A Simple Treadmill Walking Workout

This particular friend happens to work for a major gym chain. “Do you want me to give you a workout,” she asked. I responded with, “As long as it’s low impact.” She immediately came up with a treadmill walking workout that included speed and incline intervals, and I totally did it. It was just what I needed to get my heart rate up a bit without the impact of high intensity cardio. I asked her if she minded if I shared it here, and she said go for it.

You can walk this. You can run this. You can do a combo, but I found this to be a perfect antidote to my high-intensity workout blues.

A Simple 25-minute Walking Workout for When You’re Short on Time & Energy

5 minute warm up at an easy pace
1 minute average pace (about .2 – .5 higher than warm up pace)
1 minute + .5 mph
1 minute average pace
1 minute + 1 mph (if walking, this should definitely be a “power walk” speed)
2 minutes average pace
1 minute + .5 mph
1 minute average pace
1 minute + 1 mph (if walking, this should definitely be a “power walk” speed)
1 minute average pace
2 minutes incline level 5
3 minutes incline level 10
5 minute cool down easy pace

Treadmill walking workout - speed and incline intervals and less than 30 minutes

Not sure how to fit this into your busy schedule? Check out how other moms find time for fitness.

11 thoughts on “Try this Super Simple Walking Workout

    • It’s hard when you’re busy, especially in the winter when the days are short and it’s too cold to leave the house 😉

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    • Thanks Elizabeth! I feel like, it’s the all-or-nothing attitude that gets me into trouble. Doing a walking workout and staying active is way better than doing nothing when I’m not up for something more high impact.

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