You Have Kids Because You Want to Bring in Some New Team Members


wr59Did you watch the series finale of Parks and Recreation? I love that show, and I’m sad that it has ended. But it was nice to finally see a series cater to the fans and tell us exactly how every one of our favorite characters ends up — happily ever after, of course.

You can watch the episode online.

My favorite part of the episode is when April, Leslie Knope’s protégé throughout the series, asks for Leslie’s advice about having kids. For some of us, deciding to have kids (or more kids) is not easy, and it is difficult to understand why parenthood can be really great — especially when there’s so much stuff out there that makes it sound miserable. And it’s true that having kids (like many life choices) is a mixed bag — it’s great and it’s hard and it makes things more complicated and it simplifies other things in it’s own way. But you don’t have kids because you want a perfect life.

Right Leslie?

“Nobody’s life is perfect,” Leslie says. “You have kids because you and Andy are a team, and you want to bring in some new team members. I don’t know if you should have kids, but I do like your team.”

I don’t know if anyone else has ever put it this way, but it’s lovely, I think, and it really resonated with me. (Way to go, writers!)

We all know someone who is on the fence about kids. Maybe you are (or were) of those people. What do you think about this metaphor?

13 thoughts on “You Have Kids Because You Want to Bring in Some New Team Members

  1. Oh man, that part of the finale got me right in the feels. It was sweet and touching, and probably pretty true. It didn’t make the decision any easier, but it sure was refreshing to see a lady on TV being all, “Man, I don’t know if I want kids,” whereas the guy was all like, “I AM BABY CRAZY!”

  2. AH I haven’t seen the finale yet! But it’s on my to-watch list this weekend 🙂 I love that thought. I really do feel like our daughter is a team mate! She’s often the calm one too if my husband and I are having a tense situation.

    • Oh no! I hope I didn’t give too much away. I probably should have written “Spoiler Alert.”

      I love that your daughter is the calm one. That’s hilarious.

      Enjoy watching the show!

  3. Haven’t seen the last season of P&R, yet so I’m going “LALALALALALA” right now 😀

    But I like the sentiment. Choosing whether or not to have kids is a very personal choice, and it’s important to think it through from all angles.

  4. I really want kids! both my husband an I think that it will make a great growth in our relationship. However, right now we are both students. We both are living the selfish moments of our lives. I want to be able to indulge in my passions without having to worry about a child yet. So we plan on waiting. Also, I am absolutely scared for the nine months of pregnancy and labor! AHHH!

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