Serious Question: What’s Your Favorite Weird Food Combination?

Welcome back to Serious Question, a feature in which I ask a “serious” question and then answer it and cross my fingers that a few of you lovely blog readers will answer it too in the comments section. Be forewarned: This feature will at least sometimes tread into TMI territory. Lucky you, today is not a TMI day.

I have something to tell you guys:

My name is Lou and I love carbs.

Hi Lou.

Serious Question: What's your favorite weird food combination?

While the rest of the world goes Paleo, I’m bargaining with the gods of macronutrients… um, so what if I just eat bread like, say twice a day?

But seriously, while I’m not giving up carbs any time soon, it does seem that bread and pasta should be more of a sometime food, rather than an all-the-time food, and so, I’ve had to find healthier sources of carb goodness.

Enter the sweet potato.

I could argue that sweet potatoes are the perfect food (I could, but I won’t — we all know that the perfect food is Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream). But when it comes to stuff that isn’t bad for me, the sweet potato is up there: It feels like comfort food and tends to be satisfying, while its sweetness fills the sugar-shaped hole in my heart.

It’s not the fact that I like sweet potatoes that’s weird — it’s that I eat roasted sweet potatoes with hummus (if you knew me, you would know that I’m a bit hummus-obsessed). Right now sweet potatoes dipped in hummus are my favorite snack, which is kind of a weird food combination, don’t you think?

So what’s your favorite weird food combination? It’s OK, we won’t tell you it’s gross or anything, unless it’s totally gross. Should I try your weird food combination? Are you going to try mine? Is mine not that weird?

19 thoughts on “Serious Question: What’s Your Favorite Weird Food Combination?

  1. I can’t think of any weird food combos off the top of my head (which maybe means everything I eat is weird!), but the sweet potato and hummus actually sounds good to me! I am also carb-addicted so I’m going to try it.

    • It is so good. Definitely give it a try. I like it best with Whole Foods original hummus. I’m that specific about this combo!

  2. I can’t ever think of weird food combinations that I enjoy (probably because to me, they’re not weird?), but I will go with durian on its own, because everyone always gives me a “You gotta be kiddin’ me” face when I say that I like it. :[

    • Amy, I really feel like I have learned something new about you today. I have never heard of saltines and milk as a combo. The more you know.

      And I will be making this recipe. Probably next week!

  3. Sweet potatoes are my go-to food when I’m seriously craving carbs! I don’t think I could survive without them. This isn’t a food combination, but more of a weird preference: I like mac & cheese only as leftovers. I make it in advance, put it in the fridge, and let all the fake-cheese goodness congeal. Then I heat it back up and stir in some milk to make it creamy. SO GOOD.

  4. I’m really disappointed in myself that I can;t think of a weird food combination. Like, this is causing an identity crisis in me because, I guess, I see myself as someone who should like weird food combos.

    I put hot sauce (A LOT of hot sauce) on everything. Can that count?

    Oh, who am I kidding?! I’ve failed. I’M NOT AS INTERESTING AS I THOUGHT I WAS.

  5. I like hamburgers with honey. Just a little on the bread and only if it’s other wise plain. I also dip my fries in honey. My mom said I liked to eat honey on peas as a kid so I guess I just really like honey, ha.

  6. Sweet potatoes with peanut butter
    Pancakes with white gravy
    Pancakes with butter, peanutbutter and syurp….Mmm
    Popcorn with hot sauce

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