Did You Guys Hear?

Apparently there’s a pandemic. JK.

I see it’s been less than two years since I last posted, which to be honest, surprises me, because the last two months feels like approximately 40 years, so, knowing my brain doesn’t function in real time, kind of thought that maybe it had been five years? Seemed like a reasonable guess.

While sheltering at home, not that I have time, but I’ve been thinking more about how I lack hobbies and passion for things, like I used to have, about this blog, for one. Of course now, things are different. I work a lot. When I’m not parenting a younger-ish child (pushing 8 now!), I’m sure everyone is aware of the whole eLearning situation/nightmare we currently live in. Doing that while working full time and childcaring has been a time. Since the husband is a first responder, he is out of the house most days during work hours. Seven years old isn’t a toddler (thankfully) but she’s not quite ready to be left entirely to her own devices while I’m on calls 4-ish hours a day (though that happens… she chooses screens. You are SHOCKED.).

But don’t get me wrong. I know I am, my family is, among the luckiest, to say the least. Two parents whose livelihoods haven’t been affected by the current state of the world yet is becoming more rare. I don’t take that for granted.

Anywho, call this me dipping my toe back in the water. Maybe I’ll start writing again about what we’re doing now. Trying to find my way back to some spark, something that gets me excited, something that doesn’t feel like part of the grind. I’d love that to be writing, but since I do that all the time for my job, it’s hard to imagine, but we’ll see.

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