May is the Longest Month

It kind of blows my mind that June is here. So much has happened, and I’m aware that I’ve been a bit silent here. May began with a blogging conference (my first!), and continued on with some higher highs and lower lows. May shook things up, and now, the pieces seem to be settling.

A re-evaluation of goals

In the beginning of May, I headed to Arizona with the family to visit Gena and attend my first blogging conference. I left Mom 2.0 feeling inspired, full of ideas, and ready to (re?)conquer the blog world.

Clearly, that is not how the rest of the month played out.

I have so many things to say, but the state of blogging as it is today (please see this article) fatigues me — I struggle to have a sense of where I’m going and if pouring everything I have (creatively and time-wise) into this site is the right choice.

Post-Mom 2.0, I decided that the answer to that question is no. It is not the right choice for me, and yet (YET!), I am not going to leave this space. If it magically becomes a highly trafficked blog, then cool, but my goals are diverse enough that I simply cannot spend the time and energy necessary to compete in this space the way other bloggers are able to do. And so, I’m tapping out from the frenzied world of FINDING MY TRIBE and CONSTANT SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION and PARTICIPATING IN FOUR DOZEN BLOGGING GROUPS. And I’m just going to write on my blog instead.

Your least-pressing question answered

So will this change the content? Yes and no. I worked hard on coming up with content plan, but basically I’m going to write what I want to write. Some posts will still be Pinterest-worthy with tips and whatnot, others will be less so, and I plan to do a bit more old-school-style blogging, if you will. Gena has free reign to do basically whatever she wants, whenever she wants, as long as she wants to do it.

That said, while I don’t do a ton of toddler-parenting posts here, you probably won’t see any from me in the near future — not on Mommy Sanest anyway. That’s because, as of yesterday, I am the newest Toddler and Twos expert on I’ll be writing there twice a week about all things toddlers. It’s a paying gig and when the job came through, it 100-percent made me feel like, OK, this whole freelance writing thing is going to work out. My first piece, inspired by my child, the puker, published today: 10 Tips for Traveling with a Carsick Toddler.


There’s more where that came from

Like I mentioned above, I realized in May that my goals were diverse enough that I couldn’t pour everything I had into this blog. But, I also realized I had to focus, or maybe refocus, on the main reason I quit my job. That reason was to be a writer — a paid writer for brands and media outlets.

Focusing on that goal — with the help of an amazing class I took — netted a couple big wins for me last month, which I plan to share with you in the next month (hopefully). In all, after spending January through April writing two or three paid articles a month, I have 13 pieces due in June between, my brand clients, and two freelance pitches that were accepted. It’s no where near a full-time salary, but it’s a huge leap forward for me.