Fit4Mom Body Back: Final Results

For eight-weeks, I tracked my progress through Fit4Mom’s mom’s-only fitness program, Body Back. Never heard of it? You’ve probably heard of Stroller Strides, and that’s their program too.

Here’s the backstory:
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Final results from Fit4Mom Body Back


The session began on Tuesday, September 16. During that workout, we weighed in, took measurements, and did fitness assessments. When the session ended on Saturday, we did the same measurements and assessments, which is a great way to see how we had progressed over the past couple months. Like I’ve said before, I know that the weight/fat loss is an important component of the program, but I appreciate that strength and endurance is equally important.

Final Results: Weight + Measurements

We’re weighed every week during Body Back, so I had a pretty good sense of what the scale was going to say, but I was floored by the number of inches I lost. I wear a lot of leggings so I didn’t really notice a difference in my clothes.

Total Pounds lost: -7 lbs
Waist measurement: – 2 inches
Hip measurement: – 2.5 inches
Chest measurement: – 2 inches
Thigh measurement: -1 inch
Total inches lost: -7.5 inches

Final Results: Strength + Endurance

While I gained in every area, I felt like I had some setbacks this session. My knee has been bothering me, and I’ve been taking on quite a bit of extra work, so my workouts outside of the Body Back classes suffered a bit. I’m planning to focus on some strength exercises that should help my knee feel better in the coming weeks.

High Knees (seconds) 58 85
Bicep Curls (# performed in 1 minute) 27 33
Plank (seconds) 43 84
Pushups (on toes; # performed in 1 minute) 8 10
Full Situps (# performed in 1 minute) 19 21
Squats (# performed in 1 minute) 53 55
Side Plank (seconds) 29 38

Overall, I’m really happy with my results, and I’ve already signed up for the holiday mini-session of the Body Back (no weighing in!) to keep me in line over the six weeks.

How Busy Moms Make Time for Fitness

When my daughter was born, I struggled to make time for fitness — something that I was desperate to get back into because I felt it would help me feel “normal” again. But let’s be real: Every one of us has a handful of hours each week when we can do exactly what we want to do. These hours seem to dwindle through your 20s, 30s, and 40s — if you work, get married, buy a home, own a pet, have a kid — most of your hours are spoken for because, you know, you’re responsible for other stuff. So the question becomes, if you have a handful of precious hours, how do you want to spend them?

How busy moms make time for fitness. Learn 8 doable and practical tips about how to make time for fitness.

So to figure out how busy moms make time for fitness, I went straight to the source — my fellow Fit4Mom Body Back participants. (You can read about my progress through the current session of Body Back, a moms-only fitness program through Fit4Mom. Stroller Strides is one of their other programs.) I talked to several of the moms in my class to see how they are able to make the commitment to two group fitness classes a week, better eating habits, and workouts on their own.

You can read their responses on the Fit4Mom Chicago Western Suburbs blog.

And it’s totally worth checking it out! Their answers were awesome, practical, and relevant to any mom who wants to find a way to make fitness a higher priority in her life. I loved hearing how each mom overcame challenges and barriers to make time for fitness.

Keep in mind, these are regular moms with young children and a variety of schedules and childcare arrangements. Every single one of them is busy, attempting to balance a full plate, and making sacrifices to participate in Body Back (to the benefit of the whole family ultimately, but it takes some shifting). You might find that one of their tips helps you make time for fitness too.

Check out all of their tips.

Fit4Mom Body Back: Weeks 5 + 6

I’m tracking my progress through Fit4Mom’s eight-week, mom’s-only fitness program, Body Back. Never heard of it? It’s from the same company that offers Stroller Strides.

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Week 5 + 6 Recap

The excuses continued into week 5 and 6, with a lot of missed workouts due to a busy schedule as well as knee and shin pain, which seems to be getting worse. I ran a 5K on Sunday, October 19, and since then, other than the Body Back classes, I’ve been laying relatively low. Unfortunately, I think a trip to the doctor is going to be inevitable.

Despite knee pain though, October has just been an insanely busy month. I’ve tried my best to focus on eating better especially since I haven’t been able to give my workouts my all. For what it’s worth, the strategy has worked thus far, and albeit slowly, the scale is going in the right direction.

We’re headed into the final weeks of this session’s Body Back program, and with Halloween behind us as of Friday, I’m hoping I can give the last week my all. I’m excited to see the results of the last two months of work!

Workouts Weeks 5 + 6

Monday, October 13: Planned rest day
Tuesday, October 14: Body Back
Wednesday, October 15: Couch to 5K workout
Thursday, October 16: Planned Rest Day
Friday, October 17: Skipped workout
Saturday, October 18: Body Back
Sunday, October 19: Frank Lloyd Wright 5K
Monday, October 20: Planned rest day
Tuesday, October 21: Body Back
Wednesday, October 22: Skipped workout
Thursday, October 23: Couch to 5K workout
Friday, October 24: Skipped workout
Saturday, October 25: Body Back
I know I say this a lot, but Saturday’s park workout was tough. We did a ton of running, including hill repeats, with intermittent strength exercises.


Neither week five nor week six were perfect, but they were both pretty good. I made a solid meal plan for lunches and was able to go two weeks without eating out once during the work week (the weekend is a different story). I had this Creamy Crock Pot Chicken Chili for lunch (I’m experimenting with a few crockpot chili recipes lately), and I also made this Skinnytaste Spinach Lasagna Rolls recipe—an oldie, but goodie, which I had for lunch and dinner a few times. Bonus: The toddler ate it too!

Progress Report

Week 1: -.2
Week 2: -3.1
Week 3: +1.2
Week 4: -1.4
Week 5: -.7
Week 6: -.8
Total: -5 pounds

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Fit4Mom Body Back: Weeks 3 + 4

I’m tracking my progress through Fit4Mom’s eight-week, mom’s-only fitness program, Body Back. Never heard of it? It’s from the same company that offers Stroller Strides.

Read Fit4Mom Body Back: Week 1.

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Learn more about Body Back.

Week 3 + 4 Recap

The last two weeks have had their challenges. During the week of September 29, our family was on vacation in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This past week just got away from me—I’ve taken on a few side projects, had an all-day workshop to attend over the weekend, and October just always seems to be a ridiculously busy month. These two weeks were excuse-filled, but honestly, sometimes I think that’s OK. More on that below.

Workouts Weeks 3 + 4

Monday, September 29: Planned rest day

Tuesday, September 30: Skipped workout

This is the first of many excuses you’ll find in this recap of my workouts, but FWIW, we were traveling to Wisconsin on Tuesday, and time just got away from me. Traveling with a two-year-old is hard, yo.

Wednesday, October 1: Couch to 5K workout

Thursday, October 2: Body Pump group fitness class

The resort where we stayed had a full-on gym, and I took advantage of the perk of free group fitness classes. If you’re not familiar with Body Pump, it’s basically a weight lifting class that hits every major muscle group in 50 minutes.

Friday, October 3: Couch to 5K

Saturday, October 4: Body Back Bootcamp

On Saturday, we headed inside for a circuit workout.

Sunday, October 5: Couch to 5K

Monday, October 6: Planned rest day

Tuesday, October 7: Body Back

Tuesday night’s workout was a tough one. It was another circuit workout, but with a twist. The instructor set up four stations, each with five to six exercises. Two stations were primarily strength exercises; two were cardio. Here’s how it worked: At your first station, you did each exercise listed eight times, then seven times, then six times, then five… you get the picture. Once you finished the station, you moved on to the next one and started the process over.

Wednesday, October 8: Skipped workout

Thursday, October 9: Couch to 5K

Friday, October 10: Skipped workout

Saturday, October 11: Skipped workout

On Saturday, I went to an all-day workshop for creative entrepreneurs–more on that in another post–so I skipped my Body Back class.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

So here’s the thing about excuses: I know I’m not supposed to make them. Here is the other thing about excuses: Sometimes they are legit. Here’s the other other thing about excuses: Sometimes they aren’t legit, but you just need a break, which is legit. I try really hard not to beat myself up over “bad days” or “bad weeks.” In fact, I find that classifying something like a day, week, or even a meal as “bad,” is exactly zero help.

The truth is, I have a lot of priorities, and I do the best I can to juggle them all. But when things start to fall apart, sometimes the best thing I can do is step away for a week, get my life back in order, and start fresh. At this point in my fitness journey, a few missed workouts does not mean that I’ve given up–I’ve been in the habit for long enough now that I know the difference between needing a breather and just being lazy. This past week, I needed a breather to catch up on some other aspects of my life.

Nutrition Week 3+ 4

Week 3: Honestly, it was tough to stay on track while on vacation. I did the best I could, eating breakfasts and lunches in our room, which had a kitchenette. However, I was not vigilant and it shows in my progress report.

Lunch and Snacks at My Desk

Packed lunch: Chicken salad with a low-carb tortilla and lettuce; hummus with chopped cucumber; two mandarins; string cheese.

Week 4: I got back on track and did pretty well this past week. A big help was that our instructor asked us to post our meal plans on Facebook, and I pretty much stuck to mine. I made healthy lunches and snacks all week, including the chicken salad recipe I’ve adapted from the Body Back journal. I’m going to post the recipe here later this week. I also made Cincinnati Turkey Chili, which is one of my staple recipes, and I ate that for dinner several times.

Progress Report

Week 3: +1.2
Week 4: -1.4
Total: -3.3

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Fit4Mom Body Back: Week 2

I’m tracking my progress through Fit4Mom’s eight-week, mom’s-only fitness program, Body Back. Never heard of it? It’s from the same company that offers Stroller Strides.

Read Fit4Mom Body Back: Week 1.

Learn more about Body Back.

Week 2 Recap
What I love about Body Back is that the class really becomes a community of moms all working toward similar fitness and health goals. We have a group Facebook page where the instructor checks in with us between class sessions and challenges us to make positive changes, and we (the participants) can post about anything we’re struggling with or just share successes or resources. Several of us also joined My Fitness Pal and are tracking our nutrition each day using that tool.

Workouts Week 2
Monday, September 22: REST

Tuesday, September 23: Body Back Group Class

Our instructor led us through a tabata workout for Tuesday’s class, which sounded like no big deal when she described it. Tabata is high intensity interval training that goes something like this: 20 seconds of cardio, 10 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of a strength exercise, 10 seconds of rest. Repeat four times.

Whenever I hear that there is a built in “rest period” after only “seconds” of work, I’m all, “bring it on.” I can do anything for 20 seconds, right? The answer is yes, but I needed to be reminded of that many, many times especially as we neared the end of our workout.

Wednesday, September 24: Couch-to-5k (28 minutes total) + 10-minute Abs DVD

Thursday, September 24: 30-minute circuit workout DVD

Friday, September 25: Couch-to-5k (28 minutes total)

Saturday, September 26: Body Back Group Class

On Saturday morning, the weather was perfect for an outdoor workout. The park we use has an amphitheater with four sets of steps. Our instructor planned a workout that made full use of this feature.

We started by running a lap around the entire park, which I’m guessing is a third of a mile. The run ends with a hill climb that puts us at the top of the amphitheater. At the top, we do a strength exercise, bicep curls with a squat. Then we lunge 50 feet to the next station, where we do a squat with a shoulder press. Run to the next station holding the exercise band over our heads (This is honestly my least favorite part of the workout). At the next station, burpees. Run down the stairs. Another strength exercise. Run up the stairs. Frog jumps. Run down the stairs. Pushups. Run up the steps. Lunges. Run down the steps. Crunches. Time for another lap around the park.

What’s nice about this workout is that you can go at your own pace. What’s tough about this workout is that it’s going to challenge you, regardless of your pace. But that’s the point, right?

Sunday, September 27: Couch-to-5K (31 minutes total)

Nutrition Overview Week 2

Meals from Week 2 of Fit4Mom Body Back

Week 2 Nutrition
Using My Fitness Pal helped me stay on track with my nutrition this week, but there’s room for improvement. I am pretty good at staying within my daily calorie goal, but post-work snacking always seemed to derail me. Regardless, I’ll take this past week as a win. A few of my meals from the week (clockwise from left):

  1. Lunch at home: A classic turkey sandwich.
  2. Homemade tortilla soup: I ate this soup for dinner no less than three times last week. I’ll be posting the recipe on the blog soon.
  3. Lunch at work: I adapted a turkey salad recipe from the fifth Fit4Mom booklet. It was good! I added a low carb tortilla and lots of lettuce. It lasted me for three lunches, and I’ll definitely be making this one again.
  4. Easy dinner: It’s not easy to convince me to eat a salad for dinner, but add some seafood, avocado, and fresh corn, and I’m usually willing. Ranch dressing also does not hurt. Just saying.

The Week Ahead
I missed my Tuesday night class because we were in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I’ll be posting next week about how I attempted to stay on track during this mini-family vacation.

Progress Report
-3.1 pounds (-3.2 pounds total)

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